Word Hurl Times Issue #4 featuring Di Drew

click here to get a copy of the free zine Word Hurl Times


so the poetry slam in Newcastle i got off the ground in 2009 has kept going & getting more & more amazing always. now Susannah Jack and Carlin Dally have teamed up to bring the Word Hurl Times, a monthly e-zine / zine featuring lots of poetry. they’ve done a fantastic job and i love the whole thing so very much. last month’s issue featured Idaho Beau, one of my very favourite creative minds around these days, as well as a glorious array of talented poets i’d never heard of (Newcastle always surprises me).

cutting to the chase: this month they asked me to be Feature Poet, & i very much obliged. you can find three poems in the latest edition (which you can also order for hard copy if you feel):

1/ [on the true meaning of “courage” to tell your heart’s story] aka fuck your friends

2/ heartwave

3/ howl

anyway, have a read of this fantastic new publication from Newcastle, NSW!


NB: i am currently taking commissions for new work to appear in zines/publications, or for old work to be printed somewhere else. if you wish to ask me about stuff, please email diana.r.drew@gmail.com


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