I’m really excited to say that after a solid year of writing & beat-tweaking, the BTCHZ EP is finally out!

In the very near future we hope to put out the B-sides, including some of the ‘live favourites’. But for now, the download is $5 (or more if you feel like supporting us further), with your choice of physical copy, handwritten poem, collage, drawing or whatever you would like – just email us after download at btchzband at gmail dot com.

You can also find a BTCHZ/Hopes split on tape for sale at White’s Records in Newcastle.

If you would like to rate some of our tracks on triplejunearted, we’d really appreciate it. Here’s the link.

If you want to review the album, please get in touch with me or write to btchzband at gmail dot com.

We also made a video clip with the very talented Benjamin Fraser for Every Now and Then, which you can find here. Beyonce totally stole our idea by filming on the Newcastle/Stockton sand dunes a few months ago. Thanks Bey.

Probably the most fun we had last year was rejigging the music for Lucy Alcorn’s short film Tumbarumba (the track is We Do Not Exist which was released via Moonsign).


Anyway, hope you enjoy the tunes!

The Band

BTCHZ is me (Di Drew) and Carlin Dally (AKA Hopes, Moonsign, ex-Post Paint, Littleroom). We are two total dweebs who have spent the best part of 10 years vibing off The Books, Xiu Xiu, Debussy and Kaki King, and obsessing over Dostoyevsky, Hafiz, Irvine Welsh, Luke Davies, J P Donleavy & Jonathan Safran Foer. We met by skipping class the day the Iraq War was announced and building a peace symbol out of fallen leaves in the nearest park. I’m so glad there is something in existence to represent our friendship.

The Name

We have met some resistance due to our un-PC band name, but without using too many words I want to say that I personally believe that un-PCness through art is a useful way to bring ‘our’ issues to the fore, and has been a common occurrence through radical/DIY/punk/hardcore/feminist/queer music and art since forever. See: Dead Kennedys, Pussy Riot, The Slits, just to name the real mainstream ones. 


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