Moonsign Debut Album

I was lucky enough to have founded the band Moonsign last year with Carlin Dally and Bastian Fox Phelan. We have just released the first year’s worth of work which you can download here: Moonsign – Is it Already Happening?


Moonsign began when my other band with Carlin, BTCHZ, played a show at Blackwire Records in Sydney, and our friend Bastian sang a few songs with us. We had so much fun that we decided to get Bastian on board; in no time, though, we discovered that we had potential for a drastically different sound, and began to explore that properly. Our first show was in Melbourne with my personal heroes Brothers Hand Mirror, and though we were totally shaky, we had a really great time.

Anyway, though I’m no longer part of the band, I’m really excited to hear our work on record. Playing with Moonsign always made me really happy, and I hope it can make other people feel good too. Though it might not be clear from the credits, I was the bass player and vocalist (I have the lower voice and get a sweet solo in the Bloc Party cover).

We have already had some great feedback on our triplejunearthed page, including from Triple J’s Music Director Dave Ruby Howe. I’m glad he said we sound like Boatfriends, because they are dear friends of ours, not to mention an incredibly beautiful band. It just goes to show how there are not only some seriously talented people in Newcastle, but it’s also a testament to Newcastle’s sense of artistic community; we draw a lot of inspiration from each other and sometimes that connection comes across through what gets released.

I am now focusing on other projects, including BTCHZ. We’ll be releasing album pretty soon as well, so keep your ears to the ground! But I am so, so happy that I have a little piece of Moonsign to listen to whenever I want, and I’m really excited that Tara Jayne and Maddi have joined and that they’ll keep playing shows and making music.


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